Video games, interactive installations and mobile apps are a tempting opportunity to attain fame and wealth in this complex and dynamic world. Many try their luck but most of them fail. The reasons for failure are complex and manifold.

Quantum Reboot is an association of people who belief that only quality will prove its value in the long term. It is not only about having a perfect marketing strategy and maintaining advantageous relations. Only if the customers are truly satisfied over the long turn, when your players having a good time and fun using your games, if your tool becomes really useful in everyday life (without crashing), the company behind the product will have a future.

Our aim is to support aspiring game developers in every conceivable form, whether in terms of server infrastructure, technical assistance, exchange of experience and knowledge or forming contacts. The goal is to foster high quality video games and interactive applications whereby quality refers to both technical and contents-wise.

More information about Quantum Reboot can be found in our Knowledge Base using the keyword "quantum reboot".